Moving a billiard or pool table?

pool table movers

Pool Table Removals are a specialty of McIntosh Transport

Pool tables are very heavy items – a normal pool table weighs in excess of 350 kilos. Proper planning, patience and co-ordination is required for this move that can easily result in a damaged pool table, injury to someone.

When there are stairs involved in the move, it is most advisable to consult a removalist for the job, removalists have special ramps which assist them moving a pool table smoothly over the stairs.

If you are thinking this will be too much a job for you, you are probably right.  There is big risk of getting hurt and  injuring others with heavy parts like slate.  Do-not attempt to take more than what you are capable to move. The best advice will be to hire the professionals at McIntosh Transport. Our Pool table removalists are renowned for quality, experience and strength and use of the right equipment to safely move your table.